NFL Super Bowl Odds 2021

Odds are out for all NFL teams to win the 2021 Super Bowl 55, and there are a few front runners. The Kansas City Chiefs are favorites to repeat, but Baltimore and San Francisco are right behind them. Super Bowl 55 is going to be in Tampa, FL this year, as Raymond James will host the NFC and AFC winners for the third time in stadium history. Odds will change over the course of the season as they will react to the team’s records as well as major injuries. A star quarterback going down with an injury can change the odds greatly, as would a team going 2-5 to start the season after strong odds to start the season. I’m going to break down the top favorites to win super bowl 55, alongside some middling and long-shot options. You can see how to bet on the super bowl, and what sites are offering up the best promos.

Odds are out for all NFL teams to win the 2021 Super Bowl 55, and there are a few front runners. The Kansas City Chiefs are favorites to repeat, but Baltimore and San Francisco are right behind them. Super Bowl 55 is going to be in Tampa, FL this year, as Raymond James will host the NFC and AFC winners for the third time in stadium history. Odds will change over the course of the season as they will react to the team’s records as well as major injuries. A star quarterback going down with an injury can change the odds greatly, as would a team going 2-5 to start the season after strong odds to start the season. I’m going to break down the top favorites to win super bowl 55, alongside some middling and long-shot options. You can see how to bet on the super bowl, and what sites are offering up the best promos.

Super Bowl 55
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Team Consensus


There are no surprises here as the Kansas City Chiefs are sitting at +600. Coming off a Super Bowl winning season, you might hear whispers of a Super Bowl hangover. With the schedule coming out, the Chiefs have one of the easiest schedules in football. Giving that to a loaded Chiefs offense is going to make it easier for them to reach the Super Bowl. You also have to factor in the watered-down AFC now with the Patriots and Texans not as strong. Even some of the teams that have moved in a positive direction are not on the same level as the Chiefs. Pat Mahomes is an MVP favorite, and the Chiefs are returning one of the top offenses in the NFL alongside a fairly solid defense as well. Andy Reid will be looking to get his hands on a second Super Bowl trophy.

After a 14-2 season that ended in disappointment in 2019, the Baltimore Ravens are right behind the Chiefs at +700. They will square off against each other early in the season, and both of these teams are the heavy favorites to come out of the AFC. Oddsmakers are looking at these teams as the clear favorites, where no matter who comes out of the AFC, they would be the likely winner. Baltimore had a few holes to fill over the offseason, mostly on the defensive side. They struggled to stop the run, and it showed against Tennessee in the Divisional Round game. Adding a few pieces through trade and the draft, Baltimore looks complete to make another big run.

The San Francisco 49ers are looking to get back to the Super Bowl after they were so close to winning Super Bowl 54. A few plays, and we are talking differently about last season and looking at the Chiefs trying to come back with a vengeance. Instead, we are looking at a 49ers team trying to get back to the promised land. The 49ers are very strong on the defensive side, and offensively they moved the ball despite not having any real superstar on their team like some of the other teams around them. The downside to the 49ers is the quarterback position is not at the level of names like Mahomes, Brees, Jackson, or Brady. Could this be an issue? Possibly, if they are forced to rely on the pass a bit more.

Over the last few seasons, the New Orleans Saints has been knocking at the door of another Super Bowl during the reign of Sean Peyton and Drew Brees. It was another rough exit in 2019, and they are right at the top of the list again, sitting at +1300. The Saints made some minor moves over the offseason, getting a true WR2 in Emmanuel Sanders. Offensively and defensively, this team has been fine over the last few seasons but has endured some tough luck. The window with Brees is running out, and with a similar roster and some better luck, the Saints will be in the thick of playoff race once again.

Middle Of The Road

The NFC North is featuring two teams that oddsmakers will consider at least contenders. The Minnesota Vikings didn’t make many offseason moves outside of shipping Stefon Diggs to Buffalo, as they had a strong draft. The Vikings have been a playoff team the last few seasons, but have failed to make any threat at the Super Bowl as they have had some games where the offense just completely falls flat. The Green Bay Packers are coming off of a 13-win season, where San Francisco crushed them in the playoffs. This is a team with another window closing, although the front office is doing little to keep that window from shutting. They failed to revamp the offense and give Aaron Rodgers some weapons, and that is going to hurt their chances of building upon last season.

As long as the Seattle Seahawks have Russell Wilson, they are going to have a chance at the Super Bowl. Despite two Super Bowl appearances, this organization has failed to capitalize on having Wilson’s talents under center. The defense is closer to league average than it is where they were when they won the Super Bowl. The offensive line is still a significant question mark, but Wilson wills this team to 9-11 wins every year. The division is fierce as the 49ers, Cardinals, and Rams are all projected as teams to finish above .500. Getting to the playoffs will be the battle for the Seahawks, and if they can steal a home playoff game, this bodes well for them. Finishing as a top-two seeded team would increase their chances as they are dominant at home.

Both the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys had a mediocre run last season, as the Cowboys went 8-8 and the Eagles went 9-7 finishing on top of the division. The Eagles addressed some needs with Darius Slay, and offensively they added another wideout through the draft. They needed help, and this team is still in a strong spot to make a run in the NFC. Coming in at +2000 odds, this is not a bad value for a team that has a top half offense and defense with a strong coaching staff as well. As with all of these teams, they will need to stay healthy. The Cowboys at +1800 is not bad, as the offense is looking to carry this team. They are dangerous with the weapons they have and can compete with any team in the league. Being consistent is the other part of the equation.

The Buffalo Bills are coming off their best season in a long time, and are projected to win the AFC East for the first time in ages. Defensively this team is in an excellent position to stop some of the more potent offenses, and they added Diggs to give Josh Allen another weapon. Allen is going to be the significant question mark here, as the turnovers and mistakes caught up with him. If he can take another step forward, a +2800 bet is not the worst move in the world.


There isn’t a need to talk about the Giants making a surprise run to the Super Bowl or the Dolphins turning it around right after the addition of premium young talent. However, there are some teams around the +3500 to +5000 range that make some sense as long-shot bets. We saw the 49ers turn around a pedestrian season and march right onto the Super Bowl. The Arizona Cardinals at +5000 do not have the same type of defense they did, but offensively this team should put up some monster points. If the defense can even be remotely average, this offense putting up 25+ points a game has a significant upside. The division is tough, but the extra Wild Card spot this season is going to bode well for a team like the Cardinals.

Both the Los Angeles Chargers and the Denver Broncos are sitting at +4000, and had major offseason moves. We saw Melvin Gordon go to Denver, and the Broncos also added tons of wide receiver talent. Denver is a bit young still, and Drew Lock isn’t a sure thing to just march the Broncos to a Super Bowl, but not a bad bet here either. The Chargers are the more interesting team, especially with Philip rivers gone. Tyrod Taylor will be the starting quarterback and asked to manage the game. I don’t believe we will see Justin Herbert unless the Chargers record gets out of hand early. With this defense and rushing attack still, they are going to likely play a lot of slugfest games and grind out wins. This is a style that can work in the long run, and we have seen it in the past. Their defense has top-five upside and could be a nightmare to run into in the playoffs.

It seems like just yesterday the Atlanta Falcons were in the Super Bowl. They come in at +4000 and still retain a strong core of offensive players. The defense has been hit by injuries and mediocre play the last few seasons. If Atlanta can put together nine wins, that extra Wild Card spot can be helpful. However, the downside here is that the Saints and Buccaneers are still far above them as a whole. With this offense and if they can get a good run from their defense, they have the upside to get to the postseason and make some noise. Out of the long shot group, you want to sit in this range where there is a true upside, and the floor is around a 6-7 win season still.

Biggest Offseason Movers

The 2020 NFL offseason has been an exciting one, as we had a loaded draft class, but also plenty of players move throughout the offseason. The Houston Texans dropped off the map in terms of super bowl odds, as they are now sitting at +5000, which is behind the Broncos, Bears, and Falcons. The departure of DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona has left the Texans with limited weapons on the offensive side, despite the additions of Brandin Cooks and David Johnson. The Texans defense is not what it once was, and is a real weak spot within their roster right now. The offensive line is still a problem, and the only thing keeping them afloat right now is Deshaun Watson. Houston is now behind Indianapolis and Tennessee in super bowl odds.

Tampa Bay has had an eventful offseason acquiring Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. This is in addition to what was an already loaded offense and an improving defense. There was a focus on the secondary a bit, which has been the weakest spot for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the last few seasons. A less turnover-prone quarterback is going to help, and Tampa Bay has seen a considerable increase in odds in comparison to where they were a few months ago. This team is set for significant improvement, and they were already building in the right direction last season. They are currently tied with the Saints at +1300, which those are the two teams projected to battle it out for the NFC South.

The Indianapolis Colts have been in the process of moving on from Andrew Luck over the past two seasons, and the addition of Philip Rivers is going to give them a one year window with him under center to try and make a Super Bowl run. They sit at +2800 and are favorites to win their division as well. The Colts not only added Rivers over the offseason, but they also added DeForest Buckner via a trade with the San Francisco 49ers. In the NFL Draft, they added offensive weapons, Michael Pittman and Jonathan Taylor. These rookies will look to have an impact right away.

Over the last decade, the New England Patriots have been one of the teams consistently at the top of the chart when it came to super bowl odds. That is not the case right now as Tom Brady is out of town, and the offense is in shambles with limited weapons and an inexperienced quarterback. Now the Patriots have not slipped as far as expected, as they are at +2200, which is the same as the Seahawks, and close to Minnesota's odds. Oddsmakers are still valuing a reliable coaching staff and defense to try and carry them into the playoffs for a potential run. However, to make run against Baltimore or Kansas City, you are going to need to put up some points still to compete. That just doesn’t seem likely with this offensive roster.

Betting The Super Bowl

Once the big day is settled and we have our matchup of two teams, you are going to see odds for the point spread, moneyline, and total. These are considered the standard for sports betting, and is what you are going to find first among sports betting pages. Now the point spread is going to be a number that looks like, -7 or +7. The team that is sitting with -7 means that they are a touchdown favorite and would need to win by seven or more points for the bet to be considered a win. Now, if they win by three, then the bet is considered a loss. For the team that is +7, a winning bet would be them either winning or losing by less than seven points. If they lose by three, that means they covered the spread, and it is considered a win. The moneyline is going to be a straight-up win or lose, where you are getting odds on the underdog team and the favorite. The total can be broken down to either a team total or overall game total, which you would be betting on the over or under.

You are also going to see player props once the teams have been finalized. You can find odds and bets on things like over/under 98.5 receiving yards for a specific player. For receivers, you can see total receptions and touchdowns, which have the option of an over/under bet. Running backs will have yardage, attempts, and touchdown props as well. Quarterbacks will have attempts, passing yards, touchdowns, completions, and interceptions thrown props tied to their name. Game props are going to be more general game events, and not player focused. You can bet on the first touchdown scorer, total touchdowns, longest touchdown, and other various game events. These are great ways for beginning betters to understand sports betting, and be able to simplify the research that goes into one player or event in comparison to a whole game. Now in most circumstances, you can’t parlay props within sportsbooks, unlike the other types of best. A parlay means you can stack bets on top of each other to increase your payout if both hit. Now, if you take the over on a game and the Chiefs winning by seven, the over has to hit in addition to the Chiefs winning by seven. If the Chiefs win by four and the over hits, then your parlay is a bust. Each bet is called a leg of a parlay bet.

Super Bowl odds before the teams have been finalized is going to be considered a futures bet, meaning you are betting into the future on an event to take place. The most common is simply the Super Bowl winner. You will see odds for each team listed to win the Super Bowl in order of the most likely to do so based on the odds of the sportsbook. You can bet on the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl in April, where you are more likely to get better odds. Every week during the season, odds are going to change based on what is happening in the NFL season. They will be adjusted for teams playing well or teams playing poorly, and injuries can also drive odds in the wrong direction.

You are going to be able to get better value for your futures bet when you bet further out. The odds are going to look a lot different in the offseason compared to Week 12 when the Chiefs have lost two games and are currently the one seed. The odds will go more into their favor, and that means the bet won’t be as valuable because the sportsbooks have adjusted. Betting on future bets early is key to getting a healthy return on investment.

Legal US Sportsbooks

Sports betting in the United States has been a slow burn to where it is now. We are beginning to see states expand more into making sports betting legal. We have also started to see mobile sports betting apps available, alongside internet sites. FanDuel and DraftKings have been the big names in the fantasy sports world over the last five years, and they have developed sportsbooks of their own. You also have sportsbooks like William Hill, FoxBet, and Sugarhouse.

DraftKings - DraftKings has become a popular sportsbook app, as it has expanded on offering daily fantasy sports contests. You can now bet on sports, and their current promo offer is a signup bonus up to $1,000. DraftKings matches your first bet, alongside a deposit bonus of up to $500. Each bet you will see the bonus into your account.

FanDuel - FanDuel came in slightly after their competitor draftkings, as they opened up their sportsbook shortly after draftkings. fanduel also has an offer for new users, as they offer a $500 risk-free bet. They will credit your first bet slip up to $500. If you win, you will see a credit in your promotion bonus. If you lose, you are credited back the bet amount.

PointsBet - PointsBet is an Australian company who has broken into the sports betting industry with some unique ways to bet on sports. The new user promo is going to be up to a $500 refund if your first bet does not win. There is also a parlay promotion where you will get a refund if you lose one leg of your parlay.

William Hill - William Hill is a larger sportsbook that established themselves in England, going back to the early 1930s. They have begun to operate in the United States, and offer a $10 no deposit bonus and a $150 deposit match. Just by creating an account, William Hill will give you $10 free.

FoxBet - FoxBet began two years ago, as the online sportsbook scene continues to blossom with new sites. They also offer a mobile product. For new users, they will match up to 50% of a $500 deposit and will be given back through bonus amounts when bet requirements are met.

888 Sport - 888 Sport is a European based sportsbook that has been around for quite a while now. They have begun to be involved in the United States, and offer up a $500 risk-free bet. They will match up to $500 on your first deposit. If the bet loses, you will get back the money within 72 hours.

BetRivers - BetRivers is an American sportsbook that is now taking bets from a few states that have recently legalized sports betting. Their new user promo code is a 100% deposit match up to $250. You will get in bonus funds, and like other sportsbooks, it will leak into your account based on bets placed.

Sugarhouse - Sugarhouse is one of the major sportsbooks in New Jersey, and has branched out to Pennsylvania as well. They offer up to a $250 free deposit bonus match, where you can then make bets with this money deposited into your account.

Super Bowl FAQ

If you are looking for some information on this year’s Super Bowl and the Super Bowl in general, you have come to the right place. The Super Bowl has a new location each year, and the network broadcasting doesn’t always stay the same. We are heading into Super Bowl 55, which means there has been 54 total Super Bowls played, with the Kansas City Chiefs winning the last one. Below are some Super Bowl questions that are commonly asked, and if you are new to the game of football this can help catch you up to be more knowledgable. You can also find some information on upcoming Super Bowl 55, like what channel it is on, as well as the date and time. While the teams playing are still not certain, we have everything else listed for you.

What Is The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is an annual championship game of the National Football League. It is played between the winner of the AFC and the NFC, who play their conference championship games two weeks prior. The winner is crowned champion of the NFL.

Where Is Super Bowl 55?

Super Bowl 55 will be played in Tampa Florida at Raymond James Stadium. It is the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it will be the third time that it is held at Raymond James Stadium. They hosted in 2009 and 2001.

What Date Is Super Bowl in 2021?

Super Bowl 55 is going to be on Sunday, February 7th, 2021. The Super Bowl has now fallen into February for each season since 2003. In most seasons prior it had been on the final weekend of January with the change in scheduling.

What Time And Channel Is The Super Bowl On?

CBS will be televising Super Bowl 55 this season, as it is rotating between different networks. It will be scheduled for a kickoff of 6:30 PM Eastern Time. For the rest of the country it will have a starting time of 4:30 or 3:30 PM.

Who Plays In The Super Bowl?

The winner of the NFC Conference Championship game and the AFC Conference Championship game will play in the Super Bowl. There will be a week off after the conference championship games to give teams a chance to rest and the Pro Bowl to be played.

Can I Bet On The Super Bowl Legally?

Yes, if you are in these states: NY, NJ, PA, NH, PA, RI, WV, OR, IN,IA, NV, AR, DE, MS, NM. You can find various sportsbooks online to bet on Super Bowl 55. Some sites also offer mobile betting.

What Team Has Won The Most Super Bowls?

The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers both are tied with six Super Bowl wins. The Patriots have gone to the Super Bowl a league high 11 times. Pittsburgh has gone eight times, which is tied with Dallas and Denver for the second most.

What Teams Have Never Won The Super Bowl?

Chargers, Panthers, Falcons, Bengals, Vikings, and Bills are the teams. Buffalo and Minnesota have gone to four Super Bowls too, as they have the most appearances without a win.

What Is The Best Team To Win A Super Bowl?

The 1984 San Francisco 49ers went 15-1 in the regular season averaging 29.7 points per game and allowing just 14.2 points per game. They had five Hall of Famers on their team and beat the Dolphins 38-16 in the Super Bowl.

How Many Super Bowls Have There Been?

There have been 54 total Super Bowls played in the history of the NFL. The first one was in 1967, and the last one played was in 2020. Super Bowl 55 will be the next one played in January of 2021.

What Year Was The First Super Bowl?

Super Bowl I was on January 15th, 1967. It was between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. It was the AFL vs NFL, as the Chiefs represented the AFL. Bart Starr was named MVP and the Packers won 35-30.

Who Is Favored To Win Super Bowl 55?

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming in as favorites to win Super Bowl 55. Sportsbooks have them as four to one favorites, as the San Francisco 49ers are at seven to one. A projected Super Bowl 54 rematch is what is being projected so far.