Today's NBA Matchups 8/18/18 NBA Matchups

You are likely looking at Vegas before anything else, whether you are simply looking to bet on a few games, or playing fantasy. Game totals, spreads, and line movement can be very telling for how a team is expected to perform, or how a game will play out. Those West Coast basketball games tend to be very high scoring due to the pace of play, but also the overall talent in the Western Conference. A total over 215 is a great place to find some fantasy production, and if two offenses are rolling you can find some value on taking the over, or vice versa if you don’t believe they will hit that mark. Our Vegas data is going to help provide this in an up-to-date manner for you to keep track of what is constantly changing throughout the day. We make it easy to view our data and compare it to various sites outside that are positing lines. Our algorithm keys in on the most efficient odds to bet on, providing you with potential success and bankroll management. Clicking in will provide a look on how prior meetings have gone, and what the record has been on beating spreads or the over/under.

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