NBA Standings

The Western Conference was a bloodbath last season, and the final spot went down to the wire with Denver and Minnesota playing a play-in game. Ten teams finished over .500 in the West, while eight did in the East. With LeBron now out in the West, things will be very interesting to see how things shape up. Boston and Toronto look to be the ones to beat, but Toronto is still going to be in contention. With improved Eastern teams they are not that horrendous conference they have been over the last few seasons. Houston beat out Golden State, but fell short in the playoffs. After the Warriors and Rockets, the West gets very jumbled. Seven teams were separated by two or less games when all was said and done. The upcoming year is going to be a fun one, and the storylines are always going to be hectic. The East will likely be solidified with the bottom-dwellers staying bad, but the West is going to be wide open again. Check out divisional, conference, and overall standings here. You can also see records broken down by home and away, and see who has those drastic splits. Teams can go on major runs, so last ten is a good indicator to see their current play. Philly ended up winning the last ten games of the season, locking down the third seed. With 82 games coming up, this is where you will need to tune in to follow all the action.