NFL Player Stats 2019

If you are looking for a quick glimpse of league leaders, you have come to the right place. Starting at quarterback, completions, yards, and touchdown leaders are covered below. We continue to update weekly, so before you go trash-talking your friends, wait and see if your favorite quarterback is among the league’s best. Find your league leaders in rushing attempts, yards, and touchdowns. Receptions, yards, and touchdowns are also narrowed down for wide receivers and tight ends. Find ball-hawking secondary players with leading interceptions, and those quick edge-rushers racking up sacks like nobody’s business. Kickers are people too, which means leaders in field goals made, attempted, and overall points can be found here. Quick access to the league’s leaders in major fantasy areas of production is quite important. Stay tuned with us on a week-to-week basis as updated leaders are presented early in the week.

Rushing Leaders

Wide Receiver Receiving Leaders

Tight End Receiving Leaders

Defensive Leaders

Kicking Leaders

Z. Gonzalez
Field Goals Made FGM
1. Z. Gonzalez ARI 7
2. W. Lutz NO 6
3. J. Slye CAR 6
4. G. Zuerlein LAR 5
5. R. Gould SF 5
6. S. Gostkowski NE 5
7. B. McManus DEN 5
8. E. Pineiro CHI 4
9. J. Tucker BAL 4
10. H. Butker KC 4
J. Slye
Field Goals Attempted Field Goals Attempted
1. J. Slye CAR 7
2. W. Lutz NO 7
3. R. Gould SF 7
4. Z. Gonzalez ARI 7
5. B. McManus DEN 6
6. S. Gostkowski NE 6
7. G. Zuerlein LAR 6
8. R. Bullock CIN 5
9. M. Gay TB 4
10. E. Pineiro CHI 4