Today's MLB Matchups 3/26/19 MLB Matchups

Our MLB Matchup page showcases each day’s games, and how Vegas is viewing them. You can also see which teams have confirmed lineups with the green checkmark, as well as some starting pitcher numbers for the day. Lineups has a personalized rating for players, but also for team’s hitters and pitchers. For example, Cleveland has a terrific 96 pitcher rating, and also an 89 hitter rating as a team. The front page showcases the team totals, over/under, and moneyline. This is a quick glance to identify what you want to key in on. If you are playing daily fantasy, finding those totals and moneyline can be key for finding offense and pitchers who are predicted to do well. Clicking into an individual game will open comparisons between Lineups and Vegas odds. You will also find previous history for teams against the spread, over/under, and other scoring splits. If you are curious as the last ten meetings and what their odds were, we have you covered. With historical data, you can add it to your process of looking for key bets or fantasy lineup building. Remember historical data is only a part of trying to predict the future.

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