About Us

We started Lineups.com, because this is fun for us. We enjoy coming to work each morning. We are driven to build the most advanced machine learning sports tools ever created. We strive to create what doesn’t exist and create the next paradigm of sports betting and data utilization. Our goal is to give you the best chance of winning bets and fantasy contests. We put machine learning in your hands and allow you to see the real-time impact of your subjective input. We save you hours of research time daily, and provide data and predictions you would never otherwise see. We are here to forever change the way people interact with advanced data and apply it to sports and betting.

Sam Shefrin

Operations + Marketing

Committed to leading the new paradigm of processing and utilizing sports data science. I want to enhance the way people watch sports, play fantasy and bet on sports. Bornand raised in Hawaii. Schooled at Emory University and earned an education through traveling. Hopeful that libraries and parks replace shopping malls. Atlanta sports fan and firm believer the Falcons ran twice, kicked a field goal and won Super Bowl 51.

Alex Friedman

Tech + Analytics Expert

I've always enjoyed the data-analysis, game theory, and strategy that surrounds sports. I began developing web applications because of this passion for sports and daily fantasy sports. I am using my experience as a content creator and sports consumer to make Lineups.com practical, useful, and intelligent.

Richie Azar

Data Scientist + Research

PhD in theoretical chemistry out of UC Berkeley. Forever excited about using math and science to say something about the world. Sports accolades include: Terminator 2 pinball grand champion.

Tyler Worthington

Social Media + Communications

Provider of the insight to win fantasy leagues, bets, and DFS games to the Twittersphere. Diehard sports fan who has unfortunately been graced with supporting San Diego sports teams, and yes still the Chargers. Hoping that in my lifetime one of the teams I support will win something important. Current Arizona State University student. #ForksUp.

Dev Team

Development + Designers

We have a number part-time developers and designer that have helped us get to this point and want to show some love. We appreciate all their work and look forward to continuing the mission with our extended Dev family.

Business Name: Lineups.com, Inc.
Business Description: Lineups.com, Inc. is an online sports analytics company specializing in betting predictions and tools. It is based in Irvine, California, United Stats.
Customer service: 1 (310) 906-0648
Email: info@lineups.com
Irvine, CA

CEO: Sam Shefrin
Founder: Sam Shefrin
Founded: 2017