NFL Standings 2018

With 17 weeks of grueling battles on the gridiron, this is where you find which team is edging out the rest. While the wins and losses are the usual go-to columns for teams, finding out home-road records can be telling for a team. We also want to keep an eye on who is doing well within their division, but also their conference. The dominant teams will show their dominance in the net points column, which is where you will usually see teams like the Packers, Steelers, and other dominant teams. The last 5 record can give you an indicator where teams are trending, but also schedule will play an impact to that so there is more to the story than just the record. You have the ability to view standings by division, conference, or overall. Each team will link into their home page which features their current week matchup, depth chart, news, snaps, roster, injuries, and future week schedules. You also have the ability to take a look at last year’s standings, just to see where teams landed in a completed season, but also how they did in various other aspects of their schedule. You can also gauge the defensive and offensive worth with points allowed and scored. This year is going to present some close battles again, especially the AFC West being wide open, but also the battle in the NFC North with three quality teams. There are a lot of interesting storylines to follow each year, and this is a spot to keep tabs.

American Football Conference
AFC East W L T Pct PF PA Net Pts Home Road Div Conf Streak Last 5
5 2 0 .714 214 179 35 4-0 1-2 1-0 4-1 W4 4-1
4 3 0 .571 151 177 -26 3-1 1-2 1-1 3-2 L1 2-3
3 4 0 .429 182 176 6 2-2 1-2 0-1 2-3 L1 2-3
2 5 0 .286 81 175 -94 1-1 1-4 0-0 1-4 L2 2-3
National Football Conference
NFC East W L T Pct PF PA Net Pts Home Road Div Conf Streak Last 5
4 2 0 .667 126 121 5 3-1 1-1 1-0 4-1 W2 3-2
3 4 0 .429 154 138 16 2-2 1-2 1-0 2-3 L1 2-3
3 4 0 .429 140 123 17 3-0 0-4 1-1 2-3 L1 2-3
1 5 0 .167 117 162 -45 0-3 1-2 0-2 0-4 L3 1-4

Week 7 Standings

With about 40% of the schedule completed, we have a lot of tight races around the league. Who would have thought Miami and New England would be tied for the AFC East after six weeks? New England has won their last three games, and unless the unthinkable happens, The Patriots should be cruising to another division title despite being currently tied. The Jets and Bills have a combined five wins, which is a plus for them. Buffalo just lost Josh Allen for the season, so things will be trending down. The AFC North is a battle right now with Baltimore and Cincinnati currently tied at 4-2. Pittsburgh just came off a game-winner against Cincinnati, bringing them to 3-2. Cleveland sits at the bottom with two wins, but have played some close games.

The AFC South is a whole lot of mediocrity, with three teams sitting at 3-3. All are also sitting in the negatives for net points this season. Houston has won three in a row, while the rest are on a two game skid. Indy on the other hand has just one win this season, but continue to battle it out with close losses. The Chiefs suffered their first loss against New England on Sunday night, which was a shootout. With this loss the undefeated streak is over, and also the Chargers are now just a game back after winning three in a row. Los Angeles continues to just sneak around in the AFC while the talk is on everyone else. Denver has lost four in a row after winning their first two, while Oakland is a mess at 1-5.

The NFC is just as close as the AFC is. You have the NFC East all within a game of each other outside of the New York Giants who are 1-5, and Eli Manning continues to take most of the heat. Philadelphia is starting to get healthy and play some good football, but are still 3-3 after a shaky start. Dallas and Washington both have three wins as well, but we will have to see how long that can last. The NFC North has three teams with three wins, and two with two ties. Detroit is sitting at 2-3, but is still in this division. Chicago losing to Miami was a chance for them to get out ahead, but Green Bay and Minnesota both won while they lost in overtime.

New Orleans continues to cruise and are coming off a Bye Week at 4-1. Carolina is the closest to them at 3-2, while the other teams in the division have just two wins. The Saints and Panthers are also both in the positive for net points. The Rams are the only undefeated team left, and have scored the second most points this season, just behind Kansas City. They are now three up on Seattle, who are 3-3 coming off a big win in London. Both Arizona and San Francisco have just one win, which should come at no surprise.