NFL Standings 2018

With 17 weeks of grueling battles on the gridiron, this is where you find which team is edging out the rest. While the wins and losses are the usual go-to columns for teams, finding out home-road records can be telling for a team. We also want to keep an eye on who is doing well within their division, but also their conference. The dominant teams will show their dominance in the net points column, which is where you will usually see teams like the Packers, Steelers, and other dominant teams. The last 5 record can give you an indicator where teams are trending, but also schedule will play an impact to that so there is more to the story than just the record. You have the ability to view standings by division, conference, or overall. Each team will link into their home page which features their current week matchup, depth chart, news, snaps, roster, injuries, and future week schedules. You also have the ability to take a look at last year’s standings, just to see where teams landed in a completed season, but also how they did in various other aspects of their schedule. You can also gauge the defensive and offensive worth with points allowed and scored. This year is going to present some close battles again, especially the AFC West being wide open, but also the battle in the NFC North with three quality teams. There are a lot of interesting storylines to follow each year, and this is a spot to keep tabs.

American Football Conference
AFC East W L T Pct PF PA Net Pts Home Road Div Conf Streak Last 5
9 5 0 .643 374 310 64 6-0 3-5 3-1 6-4 L2 2-3
7 7 0 .500 295 374 -79 6-1 1-6 4-1 6-4 L1 2-3
5 9 0 .357 215 333 -118 3-4 2-5 1-3 3-7 W1 3-2
4 10 0 .286 292 359 -67 2-5 2-5 1-4 3-8 L1 1-4
National Football Conference
NFC East W L T Pct PF PA Net Pts Home Road Div Conf Streak Last 5
8 6 0 .571 276 269 7 6-1 2-5 4-1 7-3 L1 4-1
7 7 0 .500 311 318 -7 4-3 3-4 3-2 5-6 W1 3-2
7 7 0 .500 265 310 -45 3-4 4-3 2-3 6-5 W1 1-4
5 9 0 .357 307 348 -41 2-5 3-4 1-4 4-7 L1 3-2

Weekly Standings Breakdown

Week 14 was loads of chaos, as Miami upset New England and Oakland beat Pittsburgh. The AFC was shaken up quite a bit. The Patriots going down now moves them to 9-4, making it tough for them to top the Chiefs in home field advantage. The Dolphins move to 7-6, which ties with Indianapolis, Tennessee, and Baltimore. The Steelers loss makes things closer with the Ravens. They sit 7-5-1, and the pressure will be on closing out the season. Within those divisions, the Bengals suffered their fifth straight loss, while Cleveland won their home game against Carolina. The Jets won against Buffalo, but that game was more about draft seeding.

Tennessee and Indianapolis both took care of business this week, and they were must win games to keep them in Wild Card contention. The Colts are 4-1 in their last five, and will be chasing Baltimore who has the final Wild Card spot. Indy sits ahead of Tennessee and Miami for the tiebreaker, but trail Baltimore. Kansas City welcomed Baltimore this weekend and came away with a big victory. The Chiefs currently lead the AFC win wins, although the Chargers kept pace with them. They will take on the Chargers in a huge divisional game on Thursday night. The Broncos had a chance to keep pace in the Wild Card but the injuries have completely derailed their offense.

The Cowboys have now won five in a row after beating the Eagles in overtime. Dallas is in a great position to wrap up the division, while Philly has a long way to go to try and catch the wild card teams. Washington’s season is basically over, losing their fourth straight with mark Sanchez under center. The Giants are 4-1 in their last five games with a victory against Washington. The Saints wrapped up the NFC South with Carolina losing their fifth straight game. The Panthers have slim hopes for a Wild Card spot, but Cam Newton doesn’t look healthy and the defense has been horrendous. Tampa Bay and Atlanta both lost this week, which was expected.

Chicago hosted the Los Angeles Rams in a big Sunday night game, and came away with the win. They are now three games up on the Vikings in the division, and should lock up a home game for the playoffs. The Rams are 3-2 in their last five games, and home field will be key for them as they battle it out with New Orleans for the best record in the NFC. Seattle took care of business at home against the Vikings, as they look to try and control a Wild Card spot. Minnesota, Philly, and Carolina are the other teams in the mix, but nobody is making a huge run. The Packers won at home convincingly without Mike McCarthy, and they are not completely eliminated from the postseason, but it would take a miracle for them to make it. In a meaningless game, Detroit managed to beat Arizona on the road.