NBA Depth Charts 2019 NFL Depth Charts

NBA Depth Charts are set by each individual team to give an indicator of where they stand on the team. This helps us gauge things like minutes and potential fill-ins for injuries. NBA is a sport that fluctuates depth charts quite a bit, and coaches will often create rotations on the fly. This is an area to see movement within depth charts throughout the season. Injuries occur frequently throughout the season, and this page helps track who will move up in their place. Rookies coming into the year are going to be a bit trickier to keep an eye on. Teams will limit their workload to begin the year, although some of the better names will jump right into a major role. This page updates frequently to keep track of all the chaos that goes on, and you can jump to player pages and news within the player links. Below you will find live updates for all 32 NBA Teams.

Keep an Eye for Live Updates to Depth

It is wise to keep an open mind about where they stand on a depth chart, and keep tabs on minutes as well. Players are not necessarily tied to their listed position either. In the modern day NBA, we see players play multiple positions. Great teams have that versatility like Golden State and even Philadelphia. For example, a player can be listed as power forward, but will often slide over and play center. We even see him running point guard at times. With the NBA moving to a smaller and speedy game, more of these prototype players will emerge. Not all bench roles are created equally. Just because a player is listed second on the depth chart, doesn’t mean he is seeing limited minutes. A sixth man is a perfect example of someone always coming off the bench, yet plays around 30 minutes per game. Teams that have more viable depth to use will often spread things around. A team like Brooklyn will be a bit of a nightmare, with their abundance of guards that can also work in and play wings as well. The Spurs are another team that will come in and spread the minutes around to their two-to-three players at each position. Depth charts have started to change with the times. You may notice that teams have lesser power forwards and centers on their roster in comparison to the maybe ten or fifteen year ago.

A team like Golden State has an insane amount of depth, which helps them over the long course of a season. We have seen players take nights off, and when injuries do occur it is not a huge blow to their season. Boston, Houston, Denver, and Toronto are other teams that fit the bill. If you notice anything, these are all elite teams in the league, well outside of Denver. Just because a team has major depth also does not guarantee success. Teams like the Knicks and Suns are basically having open tryouts for players throughout the year. The Suns front court became very crowded, and the rotations were unbearable.