Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl Odds 2022

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl Odds 2022

The Bengals seem to care about one thing and one thing only, offense. So long as Joe Burrow stays healthy and returns to form from his rookie season, the Bengals should be incredible on offense. Joe Burrow is the commander at quarterback at he is coming off of a devastating knee injury. The supporting cast is the best he is going to ever have as he has Joe Mixon, Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins, and his favorite college target in rookie Ja’Marr Chase to feed.

The Bengals also spent money on quality free agents this offseason and they have a better overall team compared to last year’s Bengals squad that limped into their vacation.

Cincinnati Bengals Team Future Odds

  • Super Bowl Odds:
  • To Win AFC:
  • To Win AFC North:
  • To Earn AFC #1 Seed:
  • To Make Playoffs:

Offseason Changes

Coaching Changes
Justin Hill to running backs coach
Troy Walters to wide receivers coach
Brad Kragthorpe to assistant wide receivers coach
Frank Pollack to offensive line coach/run game coordinator
Marion Hobby to defensive line coach

Key Guys Returning
P Kevin Huber
S Brandon Wilson
DL Mike Daniels
EDGE Sam Hubbard
CB Jalen Davis

Departures That Made Team Worse
WR A.J. Green
T Bobby Hart
RB Giovanni Bernard
S Shawn Williams
WR John Ross
C B.J. Finley
CB Marquise Alexander
CB William Jackson III
K Randy Bullock

Additions That May Have Moved Odds In Teams Favor
T Riley Reiff
S Ricardo Allen
EDGE Trey Hendrickson
TE Thad Moss
WR Trent Taylor

Bengals Odds Analysis

The Bengals are still in the middle of their rebuild. They got closer last year by getting their guy for the future in Joe Burrow, but he might not be fully right as his knee got shattered in the middle of the season. Burrow did look solid as the starter for the Bengals before the injury, so it must be nice for a Cincinnati fan to know that they have a guy they don’t have to worry about at quarterback for the next 10 years.

But this just isn’t their year as they face stiff competition for a team that is on the relatively weaker side of the NFL talent spectrum. The Bengals do have some nice individual pieces, but those pieces can’t compete with the better overall teams in their division or the NFL. Now that’s not to say that they will get completely blown out every game, as they were scrappy and won some games they shouldn’t have last year, but everyone else got much better while they stayed the same.

The issue with the Bengals is that they don’t have someone that can take them over the top and make them a contender. In their division, they are the worst team. That’s nothing to be ashamed of like the Steelers, Ravens, and Browns are all potential playoff teams, with the Ravens and Browns have some of the highest odds to win the Super Bowl in the entire league.

The Bengals are just good enough to upset some teams with their high-powered and sexy offense, but that’s not going to be enough to compete with some of the big guns in the AFC like the Browns, Ravens, Chiefs, and Bills.

Reasons Why Bengals Win Super Bowl

The Bengals have great offensive skill position players with an underrated defensive line and secondary this season. This is not going to be enough to keep up in a loaded AFC playoff picture, but it could be enough to finally get a draft pick outside the top 10 in next year’s draft. Apart from the offensive line, the Bengals might have the best set-up for the future on offense.

Joe Burrow might not show it this year as he is still receiving from his knee injury, but he was a top 15 quarterback in the NFL when he was healthy. Joe Mixon is also a top 10 running back in the league with his great power and speed. Mixon will also be able to show off his hands and receiving skills this year as franchise favorite, Giovanni Bernard, is no longer with the Bengals. On the outside, the Bengals have a great and young trio made of Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins, and rookie Ja’Marr Chase. Losing franchise legend A.J. Green will certainly hurt, but that just means that the rookie gets an immediate chance to show how game-breaking he can be with the ball in his hands.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Bengals spent money to get EDGE Trey Hendrickson and re-signed Sam Hubbard. Hendrickson had the second-most sacks last year with 13.5 while Hubbard also had a good year with 8.5 sacks, so you know that these two can bring the heat every week. The secondary for the Bengals is also sneaky underrated as they have a top 10 safety in Jessie Bates as well as solid players like Trae Waynes, Vonn Bell, and Mike Hilton.

The Bengals are still a couple of pieces away from contending, but they have the rumblings of a team that is going to be really good in a few short years.

Reason Why Bengals Doesn’t Win Super Bowl

The Bengals still have a ton of holes to fill before they can compete with the elites of the AFC.

The root of the Bengals issues is their offensive line. This is the same offensive line that got Joe Burrow killed last season and ranked as the 3rd worst offensive line when the season was done. And while they had a bad offensive line last year, they didn’t do much to improve it. With the 5th overall pick, they could have selected top-rated offensive lineman Penei Sewell, but they chose Chase instead. We shall see if that decision pays off as the Bengals also got Riley Reiff, but lost Bobby Hart and B.J. Finley. This offensive line was bad at blocking for the run and giving protection to Burrow in the passing game, so if the Bengals can’t develop these guys quickly, then it could be a long day for Burrow and company every week in the daunting AFC North.

The other issues with the Bengals are their defense and their coaching. Their defense was surprisingly better than people expected last season, but that was only because many people expected this team to get blasted every game. This defense still doesn’t have a good linebacker as Logan Wilson is their best bet at that position. While they do have guys like Jessie Bates, Trey Hendrickson, and Sam Hubbard, those three aren’t talented enough to make up for the other guys in their flawed defense.

Then there is the debacle that is head coach Zac Taylor. Taylor is 6-25-1 as the head coach for the Bengals and while most of these losses aren’t his fault, because the Bengals have been so bad for so long, at some point these losses do matter and Taylor will be shown to be a bad hire. And there aren’t many games where Taylor can improve this record as they have to play the Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Jaguars, Packers, Lions, Raiders, Jets, Chargers, 49ers, Broncos, and Cheifs.

While it pains me to say it, with the combination of poor coaching, holes in the defense and offense, a difficult schedule, and the shaky confidence of Joe Burrow, the Bengals are probably going to finish with a top 10 draft pick after this season.

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