NHL Lineup Optimizer

The NHL Lineup Optimizer brings you plenty of features and research tools to help you building winning lineups. Projections, lines, and starting goalies are updated throughout the day to provide you with accurate and quick updating news to build lineups. No matter if you are playing cash games or tournaments, the lineups will create the most optimal lineup. Use the projection models and exposure to help customize those optimal lineups. You can generate up to 150 lineups. The stacking tool will give you the most optimal line stacks to help target those high scoring lines that can give you an edge in your contests. Filter out the player pool to narrow down the players you are looking for. Feel free to upload your own projections and download a csv to bring your lineups over to your favorite fantasy site.

Using The NHL Lineup Optimizer

Up top you are going to see drop downs that get you to the proper site and slate that you are looking for. There is also a drop down with different projection sets, which will be based on recent data, or cash and tournament projections. You can also upload your own through a csv or change within the editable box next to the player. Under the projections tab you can also compare all projections to see how players do under each. The games tab is going to give you all the games on the night, alongside the Vegas numbers. You can also filter out teams that you don’t like to make it easier when building lineups.

In the players tab, you will have all the projection and value data that you need to see if they are a good play or not. The opponent columns will show you how teams rank against that position. Within the goalies you will see opposing shots on goal, offensive rank, and goals per game. The performance area will show you how well skaters and goalies are doing. Adding in exposure gives you a more custom build for lineups, alongside locking and excluding players. Exposure will only put players in for the percentage given, and locking a player will put them in 100% of lineups. When you exclude a player you won’t get them in your lineup at all.

Under the advanced options, you have a bulk update that can increase or decrease exposure and projections to multiple players. You can also lock or exclude them all. The filters will narrow down the player pool, where you can only see players who are home, or have an average ice time over 20. The projection models are going to change projections based on what the model is. For example if a consistency model is selected, players will higher consistency rates will see a tick up in projections, where those with lower rates will see a drop. Once you have generated lineups, you can see all the players used within the lineups, swap out players, and also transfer over to the fantasy site you are building for.

Stacking In NHL DFS

Stacking in NHL DFS is a great way to build your potential fantasy point projection, as players correlate with each other. A player that scores a goal will likely have an assist, and having that player means you are getting the complete package. This is equivalent to a quarterback and wide receiver scoring a touchdown. Now the stacking tool is going to give you the optimal stacks and build optimal lineups around them. If you are wanting more customization, you can choose the team, line type, meaning powerplay or even strength. You can also choose the line and how many player or what players you want to use from it.

If you are looking to figure out who to stack, the top offenses are going to be shown as favorites under games and also have higher team totals. You still want to target the top two lines, as they will have the most firepower and also see the most ice time. They will also see time on the powerplay, which is important as well. With the options above, you can select the top two lines and whether it is even strength or power play. It is important to see those lines because they might be different from game to game.

NHL Cash Game Optimizer Tips

If you are building for cash games, there are a few things to know with using the optimizer. For one, when building cash game lineups you are opting to go a safer route and not worrying about risk. Selecting a goalie is crucial, as your lineup can fizzle out quick with a bad goalie performance. Find goalies that have high win odds and are facing teams with a low total. It is okay if that opposing offense still gets shots on goals, because that is a quick way to obtain fantasy points. When looking at players, you are going to want skaters on powerplay lines and the top two lines if possible. A value on the third won’t break your lineup, but this is what you want to aim for. It is important to make sure you are aiming for these top lines as they have a higher correlation with fantasy points. Value can also be created when a lower player gets to play with a top line for a game.

Ice time and shots on goal is a big correlation with generating fantasy points, and these are broken out to sort through and see who the best options are. Vegas is also important because teams that are favorites and have higher totals correlate with more offense and fantasy production. Stacking a strong offense is a good way to go as well, because you are maximizing exposure to a top offense, and more often than not you are going to get fantasy points out of it. There is a cash game projections which is our base projection for players and not focusing too much on ceiling. The projection models all can be used as they will heighten or drop down projections based on Vegas totals, matchup, and consistency.

NHL GPP Optimizer Tips

Now in tournaments you are looking to beat out the entire field and not just 40-50% like cash games. This means you are looking for a monster score and also looking to be a bit different from the field with ownership. Starting with goalie, you can take on more risk here, but you still want to aim for players seeing a ton of shots as a 40 save night can churn out a big fantasy score and help your overall lineup even if he allows a goal or two. Now if he adds that win, then you got yourself a good score from your goalie. Dive into the goalie section and see who has that high ceiling or is facing an opponent that generates a lot of shots against. Find these goalies through filters.

With tournaments, stacking is going to be a big strategy as you get a better ceiling for fantasy points when you stack. Ownership plays a part in tournaments as you want to find some low owned stacks, goalies, or just one-off players to give you an edge over the field. Using the ceiling model can help point out some higher projected players to use in GPPs. You can also find lower owned players in games that are not eye popping to the public, but still have some sneaky scoring potential. There are also going to be players that bounce around lines and staying on top of that information is going to be helpful. Overall the optimizer is built for both styles and we have projection sets for tournaments to showcase more a player’s ceiling.


What Is Stacking In NHL DFS?

When you stack in NHL DFS, you are combining players on the same line to enhance your upside. If you stack three players on a team, and one player gets a goal while the other two recorded assists on the goal, you have a higher ceiling.

What Sites Does NHL Optimizer Support?

Daily fantasy hockey contests are available on FanDuel, DraftKings, and Yahoo. Our optimizer supports all three sites, and you can upload your lineups via csv to each site. Each slate posted will also be covered within the NHL lineup optimizer.

When Are Projected Goalies Confirmed?

Up until goalies are confirmed by a team, we have them projected as who will start. Once a team confirms, we will update projections for the set of goalies. Teams will confirm them around morning skate and throughout the day.

What Is Average T.O.I?

T.O.I means time on ice, and this column is showing a player’s average time on ice. This is important for NHL DFS as you are going to want to be selecting skaters who are on the ice more often, as it correlates with fantasy point production.

What Is Theory Under Games?

Game theory is going to be a number that is based off Vegas totals and spreads. Skaters on a team that are heavy favorites and have a high total will have a higher theory. Goalies on teams with a favorable moneyline and opposing low total will have one as well.

Do NHL Projections Update?

Yes, NHL projections will be constantly updating throughout the day. With scratches and line changes, we will update projections based on what teams are providing us. Goalies will drop to zero if they are not starting. Rest assured you are getting accurate projections.

How Do I Export Lineups To A Site?

If you are looking to export lineups that you have generated to a fantasy site, you simply download them to a csv. Going into the fantasy site they will have an area for you to upload the lineup csv which will be available to enter in contests.