2023 College Football CFB Teams

College Football is loaded with teams around the country, and all are battling it out to get into the four-team playoff. College Football is broken up into conferences, and some conferences are broken up into two divisions. You have the Atlantic Coast division (ACC), which is broken up into the Atlantic and Coastal divisions. This is where the 2016 National Champions game out of, as Clemson beat Alabama. You also have some teams that qualify as independents, meaning they do not belong to a conference. Teams like BYU and Army are in this boat, but the more popular independent team is Notre Dame.

The SEC is by far the most loaded conference, and Alabama has been leading it for a while now. Teams like LSU, Florida, Georgia, and Auburn all round out a very tough conference that beats each other up every year. You can always find one or two teams from this conference in the playoff talk each year. The ACC is also bringing some talented teams to the table with Clemson and Florida State being the big boys, but the University of Miami is back on the national stage lately. The Big 12 used to be two divisions, but this is a conference that brings some of the best offer. Oklahoma and all the Texas schools put up big points, but often fall short against some of the power houses. Teams like Ohio State out of the Big Ten are always a championship threat, while the Pac 12 brings some speed, but fall flat against better defenses.

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Power 5 Conferences