Future of Sports Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program Overview

soccer scholarship is a leader in sports data and news, focused on enhancing the experience of professional and collegiate sports fans. Lineups uses advanced analytics to predict game outcomes and has created a community of passionate sports fans. Lineups provides news and articles on eSports, fantasy sports and general sports events. Lineups has been supporting college students via sports writing and eSports writing Internships for years. It’s been a fulfilling experience helping younger adults further their path to achieve their goals.

The Future of Sports Scholarship is next evolution of one our goals, which is to give back and support our youth. The future of our country is struggling with debt from college and we want to do our part to help. Our scholarships are for high school, undergraduate students and adults who need financial assistance for school tuition or related schooling expenses.

We are passionate about sports and our Scholarships are specifically for those interested in a career in the sports entertainment world. We understand, you may not know your career direction yet, but we are looking for applicants who have demonstrated an interest in Sports or eSports prior to applying. This interest could be in the form of playing organized sports, sports journalism, eSports, sports media, and/or studying in a sports related field in school.

Congratulations to Keyshawn Jones! (May 2020 Scholarship Winner)

Keyshawn Jones Keyshawn is from Akron, Ohio. He is a student at Kent State University and is currently working while going to school to help pay down student debt. Keyshawn has dedicated a large percentage of his life to sports and studying to become a Sports Agent. We are happy to help Keyshawn on his journey and wish him and his family the best!

Message from Keyshawn

Thank you so much for the opportunity that you have gave me and my family, we really appreciate it!

I have played basketball since I was four years old. I played football until the 6th grade year. So, I have played basketball for 14 years and organized football for 3 years.

Sports have impacted my life in a huge way. I have bonded with my family through sports and that has shaped me to become the person that I am today.

This scholarship will help me in my career goals a lot. My family is struggling right now, balancing between tuition and other bills. The help of the scholarship will put less stress on me and my family and we would be extremely grateful. I do have one special circumstance impacting my need for financial assistance. My dad had back surgery recently. After the surgery, water filled up his lungs. He got taken to the ER and was in a medically induced coma for a few hours. Gratefully, he made a full recovery but the ICU/ Hospital bills are a lot for my family.

Current Scholarships
Scholarship Award Deadline Apply
Scholarship for Education: Fall 2020
Enrolled college and university students of 16 years of age eligible. Awarded each year.
$1,000 May 31, 2020 Keyshawn Jones
Akron, OH
Scholarship for Education: Fall 2021
Enrolled college and university students of 16 years of age eligible. Awarded each year.
$1,000 May 31, 2021 Apply Now!
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Scholarship Awarded

Scholarship Awarded

$1,000 from, Inc

College Funding

College Funding

Pay for tuition, housing, books


  • Applicants must fill out the application form
  • Applicants must be at least 16 years or older
  • Applicants must be a US or Canadian resident
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a high school, college, university or graduate program
  • Applicants must read and agree to Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Scholarship Selection Process

Sam Shefrin, Inc. founder Sam Shefrin will review all applications and select 3 finalists. There will then be a 10-15 minute video meeting and the winner will be selected, notified and posted to the website. By applying for the scholarship, you represent that you meet all the criteria for eligibility requirements.