Chicago Bulls Depth Chart 2019 Bulls Depth Chart

14-44, 13th in East Central

at ORL

12:00 am GMT, 2/23

Losing both your star player and head coach can have a negative impact on production. The past few seasons have been rough on the Bulls and the pieces obtained from the Jimmy Butler trade have been limited due to injury. Zach Lavine and Kris Dunn were both high draft picks coming out of college. Dunn got a full season of work in last year and was able to increase his assist-to-turnover ratio. His crisp passing and penetration capabilities continue to make him a dual-threat point guard. Lavine is a similar talent but favors driving to the basket. His takeoff angles have wowed the competition, but this high flyer is more than a showman. He creates a deep penetration and then can influence the play and shooting at the wings. Jabari Parker joins the team in 2018 and it is a fitting location for the Duke product that hails from Chicago. He reunites will a second Duke alumni in Wendell Carter. Carter is a generational talent that can spread the floor, giving the team depth from the 3 to 5-slots. This team is guard heavy, but the lessened depth at the forward positions does not discount talent.

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Top 3 Bulls Depth Chart Questions

Q: Will Lavine develop into the leader the team needs?

A: The Bulls were controlled by the presence of Jimmy Butler when he played for the team. The coaching staff ran the offense through him and favored a heavy affordance of looks. A similar mindset was set for Lavine upon his arrival. His career was deeply rooted in coming off the bench. When on the court, Lavine was a highlight reel. The team did a good job of securing Robin Lopez and adding forwards to bring back natural elements of ball movement to his game.

Q: Does the Duke connection pan out?

A: Amongst the additions, two of the players hails from Duke university. Coach-K has an excellent eye for talent, and both Carter Jr. and Parker were heavy advocates for leading their squad in college. These players are pro-ready when they enter the draft, but it comes down coaching them up to favor their skills sets. Both players will transition to the different forward positions and Carter can offer center relief should Robin Lopez enter foul trouble.

Q: Does a collection of too many playmakers hurt the chemistry of the team?

A: There are a lot of scorers worked into this depth chart. Most have been statistical standouts throughout their years in college and have been unsung leaders at some point in their life. Selfless play will be the key to holding this group together. Lavine might see a point reduction to favor the betterment of the team. Deep guard situations can help limit the usage and test for these player combinations that help the team increase their victory total in 2018-19.