Dallas Mavericks Depth Chart 2019 Mavericks Depth Chart

26-31, 12th in West Southwest

vs DEN

1:30 am GMT, 2/23

The Mavericks quietly pieced together a sound off-season of additions. The team had been vying for DeAndre Jordan to sign within his home state and they secured this talent early on in the free agent period. The draft presented the Mavericks with the opportunity to select the league's top international player in Luka Doncic. Doncic is one of the youngest players to come from overseas and his playing time against top, European competition translates smoothly into an NBA experience. Dallas already expanded on their future with the outpouring of potential Dennis Smith Jr. has already put forth. He emerged as a true leader for the team and was reliable in all facets of in-game situations. This sense of relief development will ease the load placed on the shoulders of guys like Harrison Barnes and Dirk Nowitzki. Barnes has struggled to return to his glory form once shown in Golden State, but a reduced need to score and plenty of surrounding benefactors could expand his game. Nowitzki gets to take a bench role and orchestrate the learning of his younger teammates. Returning for one final season will prevent many learning opportunities for Doncic who mimics his game around the intangibles that Nowitzki possesses.

Offense Depth Chart

Point Guard PG
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Small Forward SF
Point Guard PG
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Top 3 Mavericks Depth Chart Questions

Q: How does early role shaping affect the potential for the team?

A: The depth chart is built around size. Doncic might be one of the league's tallest shooting guards, but this is an experiment the team is looking to play around with. Having Wesley Matthews at the 3 and Doncic at the 2 might seem like a head-scratcher for critics, but this mold makes sense to the team. This format will help Doncic refine his shooting and will add an element to Matthew's game that creates more dribble-drive opportunities.

Q: How does the second unit factor into the equation

A: Most of the tenured players on this roster come off the bench. We already mentioned Nowitzki, who will be joined by Devin Harris and J.J. Barea. Having this much experience on the bench affords in-game developments. While these players might not compete at a high pace anymore, they will help slow the game to foster learning for players who are still working around their raw talents.

Q: Does the International flavor create a good look for the team?

A: There are many different countries of origin represented within this team. The return of Nowitzki creates excellent teaching opportunities for their draft picks and younger guys. One of the team's late-round draft picks, Kostas Antetokounmpo, is derived from a family rich in basketball talent. If Nowitzki can get through to these younger guys, their response could be off the charts and establishes talents that will be effective within the league for many years to come.