Boston Celtics Depth Chart 2023 Celtics Depth Chart

36-15, 1st in East Atlantic


Last season, the Celtics were one of the biggest disappointments in the league and had a disappointing end to their season as well. The problems had started popping up several times throughout the season, and the team was plagued by inconsistency. Their issues came to a forefront in the second round where they got demolished by the Bucks in 5 games. A lot of things have changed in the offseason. Kyrie, like most people expected, left in free agency. What people weren’t expecting however, was Al Horford’s departure as well. The Celtics did manage to add a high profile piece in Kemba Walker, jettisoning Terry Rozier in a sign and trade for Kemba with the Hornets. The new look starting lineup for the Celtics has potential, but also has several questions to be answered.

Depth Chart

Point Guard PG
Marcus Smart
Shooting Guard SG
Jaylen Brown
Small Forward SF
Jayson Tatum
Power Forward PF
Al Horford
Point Guard PG
Marcus Smart
Shooting Guard SG
Jaylen Brown

Celtics Depth Chart Questions


Who Is The Celtics Head Coach?

Brad Stevens is one of the top basketball minds in the game and has been the head coach in Boston for seven years now after joining the team in 2013. Stevens made a name for himself at the college level leading Butler to an NCAA Finals appearance.

How Much Are The Celtics Worth?

The Celtics were valued at $3.1 billion in 2020. They were most recently purchased back in 2002 for $360 million. Boston ranked 5th in value in comparison to the rest of the league. They are behind the Knicks, Lakers, Bulls, and Warriors.

Who Owns The Celtics?

The Boston Celtics have four combined owners who bought the team before the 2002 season. It is made up of Robert Epstein, Irv Grousbeck, Wyc Grousbeck, and Steve Pagliuca. All operate as majority owners. They have been in the same positions for over 15 years.

Who Is The Celtics 6th Man?

Marcus Smart is generally the 6th man unless he finds himself in the starting lineup due to injury. Smart has averaged 32 minutes per game this season and averaged 13.5 points per game. The Celtics look for him to give them a spark.

What Is The Celtics Salary Cap?

The Boston Celtics have a salary cap of $119,147,447. Only $1,547,351 is dead salary, meaning the player owed this money is no longer on the roster. Kemba Walker and Gordon Hayward are on max deals and makeup over 50% of the Celtics salary.

Who Is The Youngest Player On The Celtics?

Romeo Langford was drafted during the 2019 NBA Draft out of Indiana. He is not a regular for Boston and is the youngest player on the team. He will earn $3,458,400 for his first year in the NBA. Grant Williams is the next youngest.

Who Is The Highest Paid Celtics Player?

Kemba Walker came over in a sign-and-trade deal from Charlotte and makes $32,742,000 for the 2019-20 season. That is over 25% of the cap, and he makes slightly more than his teammate Gordon Hayward.