Boston Celtics Team Stats 2022 Celtics Team Stats

0-0, 1st in East Atlantic


The Boston Celtics opened their 75th season on December 23, 2020. Boston is currently riding a six-consecutive season streak of playoff appearances. Following a pair of first-round exits to open the streak, the Celtics have won their way into three Eastern Conference Finals. The problem for Celtics' fans, fans who view it as their rightful pedigree to be perennial NBA Title contenders, Boston hasn't reached the NBA Finals in over a decade. The Boston brass is now looking uphill at a strong Philadelphia 76ers team while battling to fend off a star-loaded Brooklyn Nets squad in their own Atlantic Division.

Home Record: 2-1 Away Record: 1-1 Conference Record: 2-2 Division Record: 0-1
Head Coach: Brad Stevens Assitant Coach: Jerome Allen Assitant Coach: Bryan Bailey Assitant Coach: Tony Dobbins
Assitant Coach: Kenny Graves Assitant Coach: Jay Larranaga General Manager: Danny Ainge Arena:
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The Boston front office made some big free agent moves across the last three seasons. Despite losing or trading three of these key additions, the Celtics' offense has steadily improved. The biggest improvement may be on the defensive end of the court. Boston ended the 2017-18 season in the bottom half of the NBA in points allowed. The Celtics finished the 2019-20 season as the second toughest team to score upon. Even though they've made changes at key positions, Boston still ranks in the top ten defensively. This will be critical as they try to match firepower with Philadelphia and Brooklyn now and in future seasons. Both the Nets and 76ers are rating top-10 scoring offenses. As the new season unfolds and the Celtics roster regains full strength, they will be a challenger in the Eastern Conference.