Oklahoma City Thunder Starting Lineup 2019 Thunder Starting Lineup

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0-0, T-1st in West Northwest

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The Thunder lineup starts with Russell Westbrook, who is a walking triple-double. Westbrook soaks up a ton of usage, and makes up for the fact that they don’t have another scoring guard in the starting lineup. Oklahoma City continues to try and fill the void of Andre Roberson. Terrance Ferguson has been starting alongside, although he doesn’t have much of a role within the offense. The resigning of Paul George has been huge for the Thunder, as he can play the second superstar to Westbrook. The front court of the Thunder is very underrated, as Jerami Grant and Steven Adams make it up. Grant was a bench player last season, but has turned himself into a solid starting power forward. Adams continues to post strong numbers, and also makes up one of the better defensive front courts in the league.

Updated: 2:20 am GMT, 4/28

Starting Lineup

SF Paul George P. George
9.4 1.2 20.2 7.4 81.6 40.6 9.8 4.2 3.6 8.6 0.2 28.6 5 1 4.2 8.8 31.9 3 1.4 8 43.6
SF Jerami Grant J. Grant
4 1.2 8 4.2 69.2 35.2 2.6 2.6 0.8 5.4 2 11.6 5 1 0.8 4 45 1.8 0.6 1.8 50
C Steven Adams S. Adams
0.2 2.4 8.4 4.8 37.5 31.8 1.6 2.6 1.4 7.2 1 11.8 5 1 1.8 5.6 0 0 1 0.6 66.7
SG Terrance Ferguson T. Ferguson
3.6 0.4 5 2 0 25.6 0 3.8 1.2 2.4 0 5 5 1 1 1.8 38.9 1.4 0.4 0 36
PG Russell Westbrook R. Westbrook
6.8 1.4 22.2 7.6 88.5 39.4 5.2 3.8 10.6 9 0.6 22.8 5 1 4.6 8 32.4 2.2 1 4.6 36

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Preseason Analysis: Offensive Weapons Enough?

The Carmelo Anthony saga is over and done with. Oklahoma City managed to trade him to Atlanta and Dennis Schroder is a big piece in return. Schroder is going to be an interesting bench guy, and someone who will play alongside Russell Westbrook at times. Schroder’s fantasy value is always going to be up and down given he is a hit and miss offensive player, but in a secondary role this is an area where he can thrive. Westbrook is the offense here, and has led in usage for quite some time. Averaging a triple double over the last two seasons, you know the type of fantasy potential he brings.

The Thunder hurt defensively when Andre Roberson went down, and his health is more crucial for their defense. Offensively he isn’t going to see much usage, especially with Paul George next to him. George is a usage hog as well and with Anthony gone his production and shots will be much more consistent. George gives the Thunder a steady small forward option, but he will play some power forward as well with no real player slated to lock up huge minutes. Most of them should go to Jerami Grant, but the Thunder might keep his energy off the bench. Patrick Patterson will also get in the mix but doesn’t bring a ton for fantasy production. Steven Adams is one of the more underrated centers in the game, and an important part of this team. They added Nerlens Noel for some depth, and it will be interesting to see if he can play alongside Adams if they ask him to. The Thunder have three fantasy viable options currently present, but Schroder, Grant, and Noel are the ones that can add a little more depth than just the big three. Schroder would be the expected name given his offensive abilities.