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0-0, 1st in East Central

The Cavs hope that they drafted the next cornerstone of their franchise in versatile big, Evan Mobley. Besides that, the Cavs are teetering on whether to keep Collin Sexton or not. Unless a big offer comes in, they will likely not trade Darius Garland. Surprisingly, Love has not been shipped out of Cleveland yet after his disdain for the franchise’s direction, but that doesn’t mean it still won’t happen. Thus, it is difficult to determine whether or not he will be a Cavalier next year. The Cavs still have many decisions that need to be made because this roster doesn’t make sense right now. However, if everything somehow stays the same, expect a Sexton-Garland backcourt with a Mobley-Allen frontcourt and Isaac Okoro on the wing.

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Betting on the Cavaliers in Ohio

Cavaliers’ Fans Ready as Ohio Sports Betting Legislation Inches Closer to Final Approval

For several seasons, the Cleveland Cavaliers rarely found themselves in conversations about NBA elite teams. During Cleveland's first 20 years in the NBA, the Cavaliers made it to a single Eastern Conference Final, losing to the Boston Celtics in six games. The Cavs started the 1990s with a little more success, making their way to another conference final, but again losing in six games, this time to the Chicago Bulls. Across the next 11 seasons, Cleveland would make four playoff appearances, winning a total of two first-round games during that span. However, in 2003, Cleveland drafted a local hero to change all that. The Cavaliers would still miss the playoffs during LeBron James' first two seasons in the league. However, they improved steadily, despite finishing 9th in the conference each year. The 2005-2006 season started a five-year consecutive playoff run. James' would multiple league Most Valuable Player Awards, but Cleveland would not win a title. In 2010, James exited Cleveland for South Beach and the Miami Heat. Cleveland's fortunes went south with their beloved star. Fans were both heartbroken and outraged. Four dismal seasons would follow. In 2015, James decided to return to his roots. Cleveland had built a respectable lineup the previous season, and with the world's best player on the court, Cleveland would make four consecutive appearances in the NBA finals, winning the city's first major sports championship in decades. LeBron James has left again, but there seems to be a deep core of Cavaliers' fans that still show enthusiasm for their team. As the Buckeye State nears a potential launch for Ohio sports betting, Cavs fans will soon be able to bet legally on their favorite team.

William Hill Ohio was one of many sportsbook operators keenly watching the developments in the state. Ohio legislative procedures allowed a pair of bills from 2019 to cross over into 2020. In May 2020, one of these important sports betting proposals shifted out of committee to the floor for a vote. HB 194 passed easily. There are a number of important questions still to be answered before online options such as William Hill could launch online betting. They have one important thing in their favor. The sportsbook at the Mountaineer Casino in West Virginia is a William Hill operation. That will help boost their chances in Ohio. Morgantown is a four-hour drive from Cleveland, but Pennsylvania has also added their name to the list of states with legal sports betting. The U.K.-based sportsbook offers a welcome bonus to new accounts in each state they are active. William Hill will most likely extend the same welcome offer to new Ohio sports bettors. Cavaliers' fans will be able to cast a risk-free first bet on their hometown team up to $500.

The PointsBet Ohio sportsbook app will give Cavaliers' fans a different angle for placing bets on their hometown team. PointsBet calls it "Pointsbetting". Pointsbetting is a higher-risk, higher-reward way to wager on games. The accuracy of each bet directly correlates with how much you can win. PointsBet has offered an array of promotions to boost public awareness of their unique betting format. New Ohio PointsBet accounts can expect to receive the same $500 risk-free first bet using any traditional odds, plus a $1000 risk-free bet using pointsbetting. That's up to $1,500 in free bets for Cleveland fans.

The DraftKings Ohio sportsbook outlook is as solid as any sportsbook competitor. They have developed a huge customer base that includes thousands of Ohio residents. DraftKings will be one of the first sportsbooks granted an opportunity to launch in the Buckeye State. FanDuel's track record in states that currently allow sports betting is overwhelmingly strong. They consistently rank as one of the highest rated mobile apps, plus one of the most successful. DraftKings has an excellent welcome bonus package as well. New Ohio DraftKings accounts can expect a $1,000 combination offer. The bonus includes up to a $500 risk-free first bet, plus $500 in matching deposit bonuses.

Like their DFS rival DraftKings, FanDuel has built an outstanding reputation across each state they have launched their sportsbook. The FanDuel sportsbook will certainly be one of the first to launch in Ohio. The FanDuel online and mobile sports betting app has proven one of the most successful in the U.S. When FanDuel gains access to the Ohio sports market, expect them to launch almost immediately. New FanDuel Ohio sportsbook accounts will receive up to a $500 risk-free first bet. Cavaliers' fans can take that opportunity to make a big first bet on the Cavs exciting young team.

Can Darius Garland and Collin Sexton Really Start Together?

The Cavs confused many people in the 2019 draft with their selection of Darius Garland, who plays the same position as their other young guard Collin Sexton. The Cavaliers’ rationale at that time was their belief that Garland and Sexton could play together and form a dynamic backcourt, similar to Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum. Last season, some bright moments instilled more faith in that claim. Garland took on more of a distributing role, while Sexton is inherently more of a scorer. Now, the Cavs have double-downed on their initial belief by bringing in Ricky Rubio, who will offer veteran leadership and insights into how the duo can improve. If Cleveland decides to extend Sexton, then he will be a Cavalier long-term. Both sides seem to be on the same page there, despite some trade rumors this past summer. In short, the Cavs were right: Garland is much more of a playmaker for others, while Sexton is a natural scorer with less court vision. This duo can work out if they keep developing chemistry with each other.

How Much Does Kevin Love Have Left to Give?

Kevin Love was supposed to be the centerpiece in Cleveland after LeBron left. It was clear that the Cavaliers were going to have to rebuild at that point. Since then, Love’s inspiration and, seemingly, dedication have subsided. It is unclear what Love’s future is in Cleveland, but he has recently committed to being a positive locker room influence on this young team. If he does that, his presence will be welcomed as Cleveland looks to rebuild around other players. There are no guarantees, though, so only time will tell.

How Respectable can this Starting Lineup be?

The Cavaliers are still in the middle of a complete rebuild, so they will likely have a similar season like 2020-21. Even with veteran Ricky Rubio being added and Evan Mobley being drafted, the Cavs are still a few years away from relevancy. They just do not have the depth that other teams have and will get punished by opposing benches.