Milwaukee Bucks Team Stats 2024 Bucks Team Stats

0-0, NaN in East Central

vs IND

11:00 pm GMT, 4/21


Get updated Bucks team stats for both offense and defense. Consistency matters in the NBA, even when it may not seem like it, and the Milwaukee Bucks sometimes struggled “getting up” for regular season games. If the Bucks had secured the No. 1 seed and had the Miami Heat’s path to the Eastern Conference Finals, they may have given Khris Middleton enough time to get healthy and then face the Boston Celtics. We could always play in “what ifs,” but highlighting the Milwaukee Bucks’ regular season defensive rating of 111.1 (14th in the NBA) versus their rating of 102.7 (1st in the postseason) should paint a pretty clear picture. It also didn’t help that they shot merely 32.7% from deep with plenty of capable three-point shooters on the floor. Still, the Bucks are a major threat in the Eastern Conference and could make another title run this season.