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Now that we have listed the best Call of Duty games of all-time, we are going to take an in-depth look at each of the games on the list and what exactly made them so good and so popular. The first game from the list that we will look at is Modern Warfare 2.



Modern Warfare 2 was released in 2009 and is the second game in the Modern Warfare series hence its name. The game revolutionized online gaming at the time and continued the amazing story from the original Modern Warfare game. Every weapon could be used effectively in multiplayer and the game has some of the most iconic maps in the Call of Duty series as well. Overall, Modern Warfare 2 is considered one of the best Call of Duty games and video games in general of all-time, and those aspects are the main reason why.


The campaign is a single-player mode where the player completes eighteen levels connected by an overarching plot. Each level features a series of objectives to fulfill, and the player will often switch characters between levels. If the player dies during a level, they will respawn at the most recent checkpoint. Levels can be played on one of four difficulties, and each level can be replayed after it has been completed.

During the campaign, the player controls five different characters. The player primarily controls Sergeant Gary “Roach” Sanderson, a British member of an international Special Forces unit named Task Force 141. In addition to Roach, the player will also assume control of Private First Class Joseph Allen, and Private James Ramirez of the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment. The now Captain John “Soap” MacTavish serves as a senior member of Task Force 141, acting as Roach’s superior officer and becomes the playable character in the final three missions of the game The player briefly assumes the role of an astronaut stationed on the International Space Station during the height of the war between the United States and Russia at the end of the campaign.

Vladimir Makarov, Zakhaev’s right-hand man, and an ultranationalist extremist begins a campaign of revenge against the West by committing acts of terrorism on European and International soil over the course of five years.

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In 2016, Private First Class Joseph Allen participates in a military operation alongside United States Army Rangers stationed in Afghanistan, by assisting them in taking back a city from insurgents. Impressed by Allen’s capabilities, General Shepherd recruits him into Task Force 141, an elite unit that recruits the best special forces operators from around the world. While Allen prepares for an upcoming assignment, Soap and Roach infiltrate a Russian airbase in the Tian Shan mountains to retrieve an Attack Characterization System module from a downed American satellite.

Allen is soon sent on an undercover mission for the CIA, joining Vladimir Makarov in a mass shooting at an airport in Moscow, Russia. Makarov, aware of Allen’s true identity, kills him as they escape and leaves his body behind to spark a war between Russia and the United States. Outraged by an apparent American-sponsored terrorist attack, Russia retaliates by launching a surprise invasion on the East Coast of the United States. With no evidence of Makarov’s involvement in the airport massacre, Task Force 141 is sent to Rio de Janeiro to capture his arms dealer, Alejandro Rojas. They succeed and learn that Makarov’s nemesis is being held in a Russian gulag. They assault the gulag and rescue the prisoner: Captain Price, Soap’s previous commanding officer in the SAS.
Price takes command of Task Force 141 and insists on ending the United States’ war with Russia despite Shepard’s orders to find Makarov.

After raiding a Russian port, Price launches a ballistic missile towards Washington, D.C., and detonates it in the upper atmosphere. The resulting EMP blast disables all electronic devices across the Eastern Seaboard, giving the Americans a much-needed advantage.
Price and Soap learn of Shepherd’s betrayal and narrowly escape a battle between his and Makarov’s forces at the boneyard. After learning of Shepherd’s mountain base in Afghanistan from Makarov, Price and Soap raid the base to take revenge on Shepherd on a suicide mission. The duo pursues Shepherd as he escapes by boat, and Price manages to shoot down his helicopter extraction as he and Soap tumble over a waterfall. A dazed Soap stumbles towards the crash site and attempts to kill Shepherd, but is overpowered and stabbed in the chest. While Price arrives and engages Shepherd in a fistfight, Soap pulls the knife out of his chest and throws it at Shepherd, killing him. Nikolai arrives and helps Price evacuate Soap for medical attention.


Multiplayer mode allows players to compete against each other in team-based and deathmatch-based game types on various maps. Each game type has an objective that requires unique strategUMP45ies to complete. If the player kills three or more players in a row without dying, they achieve a killstreak, which gives the player a tactical advantage during a match. These include a Predator missile, a sentry gun, and a tactical nuke. Alternatively, if the player dies several times without a kill, they will be rewarded with a death streak bonus, which evens the match for the player.

A match ends when either a team or player has reached a predefined number of points, or the allotted time expires in which case the team or player with the most points wins. The player’s performance in multiplayer is tracked with experience points, which can be earned by killing opposing players, completing objectives, or by completing a match. As the player gains experience, they advance in level, unlocking new weapons. The player will also unlock perks, which modify gameplay elements such as unlimited sprint and increased bullet damage.


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The weapons in Modern Warfare 2 are weapons used by the United States military as well as the Russian military in real-world conflicts. Each weapon in the game was very powerful, meaning that players died fast and it was easy to get a kill if you were in an advantageous position. The best weapon class in the game was the Assault Rifle class. The ARs in MW2 were powerful from a distance and were viable in close-range engagements as well. The most popular ARs in the game are the ACR, Famas, AK-47, and The Scar. The Sniper Rifle class comes in a close second as the most powerful weapon class in the game. The sniper rifles in Modern Warfare 2 scoped in ridiculously quickly and were easy to aim, which gave way to the popular term, quick-scoping. A person could line up an enemy in the middle of their screen and kill them quickly with the sniper as they scope in fastly on the person. The snipers were the most popular weapons in Modern Warfare 2, especially the Intervention and Barrett 50.CAL.

The other weapons in the game were useful and fun to play with, but not nearly as strong as the ARs and Snipers for Multiplayer. The SMGs and shotguns were the most powerful weapons at close range because of their power and the fire rate of the SMG. The most popular SMGs were the P90, Vector, and the UMP45. The most popular shotguns in MW2 were the Model 1887s, ranger, striker, AA-12, and the Spas-12. The shotguns were considered secondary weapons and could be carried along with any of the other powerful primary weapons. The shotguns were the best secondary weapon choice in the game because of their strength at close-range.

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The maps in Modern Warfare 2 feature iconic scenes from modern American society to depict battle sites from the campaign. The maps feature many different layers to each map, creating different sightlines and power positions. The maps from Modern Warfare 2 have been frequently added to newer Call of Duty games because of their immense popularity with Call of Duty players. The maps include Highrise, Terminal, Favela, Quarry, Scrapyard, and Underpass. Each map depicts a different part of the battle between American and Russian forces, and are some of the best designs in video game history.


To be successful in Multiplayer in MW2, you must spend a lot of time on the game to get better. The game has been out for awhile and people have spent a large amount of time in life to perfecting their craft at MW2 multiplayer. The biggest tip I can give is to use weapons that you are comfortable with. The weapons listed above are a good guide for what to use in Multiplayer to be successful.

You also must learn the maps so you know the nooks and crannies to hide in and where other players might be hiding. By playing each map more, you learn where the other team spawns based on your teams’ location on the map, so you can move to a spot to get easy kills while the other team is moving up the map. Team modes help you improve because you can move with other players and work together to complete the objective, which is much less frustrating than just playing alone and getting killed a team that is playing together.

Another major key to success in any Call of Duty game is to stay calm. There are many different guns and spots on maps that can cause frustration if you are trying to play a certain way, but you must learn from what the other team is doing and try to calmly fix what is going wrong in the game. Also, the games normally only take 10 minutes to complete, so it is easy to forget a game if you struggled and move on to the next game.

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Modern Warfare 2 is backwards compatible on the Xbox 1, meaning that you can use the Xbox 360 disc in the Xbox 1. The game is well-populated on the Xbox 1, and you can jump on to play multiplayer at any time. The game is not backwards compatible on the PS4, unfortunately, so you will have to break out an old console to play MW2 if you have a PS4. The game is also available to purchase on PC, but the game can be modded and will be different than the original most likely. I hope this guide makes you interested in the game and you try it out for yourself.

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