IDP Fantasy Football Rankings 2020

The popular way to go in IDP is lining up linebackers due to their versatility. Linebackers dominate the top of the leaderboards for IDP production. Luke Kuechly, Bobby Wagner, C.J. Mosley all at the head of the 2019 class. Kuechly has been a guy with concussion issues, so the risk is there when taking him. When looking at the defensive line, Joey Bosa and J.J. Watt have been dominating offensive lineman, and are monsters in stopping the run as well. Watt is another one with injury issues, but when healthy can be a top end defensive option. If you are looking for secondary players, Landon Collins has shown us he is the number one option off the board.

ADP OV Rank POS Rank Player Team Depth Bye 2018 Stats 2018 FPTS 2018 OV Rank 2018 POS Rank

Looking for a deeper and more challenging experience than traditional leagues featuring a defense and special team unit? IDP formats are for you. Whether you're green and looking to get into an IDP league for the first time or a grizzled veteran, our rankings and projections will help you nab the top fantasy options on defense to help complement the high-scoring players on offense you're already accustomed to ranking and drafting. Linebacker in IDP leagues is basically the equivalent of running back. The position dominates the rankings starting at the top with the likes of Luke Kuechly, Kwon Alexander, and Bobby Wagner. The position offers a little bit of everything thanks to the varying responsibilities of the position. Some linebackers rack up the value of their scoring from being tackling machines. Others are helpers in coverage who pick up some interceptions. Still, others are pass-rushing specialists who rack up points via sacks primarily. Then, of course, there are the do-it-all linebackers who pick up points in a variety of ways -- I'm looking at you again, Keuchly, Alexander, and Wagner. Safety is another position well represented at the top with Landon Collins near the top of the rankings thanks to his ability to force turnovers and also come up and lower the boom on the running attack. Ditto for Reshad Jones a little lower in the rankings. Sack monster teammates Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram are also extremely helpful defenders in large part because of their ability to drop quarterbacks, but also because they aren't liabilities against the run who are limited to playing only on passing downs. Furthermore, players who rack up sacks like Bosa, Cameron Jordan, Demarcus Lawrence, Khalil Mack, and Von Miller, just to name a few, can also add to their point scoring totals by forcing fumbles at a high rate on their strip sacks. The IDP player pool gets back a potential stud in the form of J.J. Watt even if he returns a little less dominant than prior to the serious injuries he's suffered the last two years. Regardless of where you are on the IDP learning curve, the tiers, rankings, and projections on this page are sure to help you find value and hit on your top defensive players. Also, keep tabs on this page regularly as it will be updated to reflect any injury news or role changes that will impact the fantasy scoring of these defenders.