QB Redzone Passing Stats

Being able to cap off drives with touchdowns is extremely important for being a successful NFL team. Some teams are better than others at it, and quarterbacks are going to be at the frontline of team success in this department. Red zone passing stats are broken up by inside the 20, 10, and 5-yard line. You can see which quarterbacks are throwing the most inside the opponent's 20-yard line, but also how well they are doing with touchdowns and completion percentage. Quarterbacks will have the most attempts over any other position and will need to make it count. If you are playing fantasy football, you will want to dive in and see what quarterbacks are having the most success and seeing the most volume while in this area.

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Quarterback Redzone Stats

On the red zone passing stats page, you will see the same stats broken out by each area of the red zone. The red zone starts at the opponent's 20-yard line, but we also look at stats inside the opposing ten and five-yard line. Starting from left to right, you will see the quarterbacks and their overall games played and total touchdowns. The red zone totals are going to be their touchdowns and percentage of team touchdowns to showcase how much of their total touchdowns are coming from passing touchdowns inside the red zone. Quarterbacks will have a stable snap percentage, barring some sort of injury or change, this isn't as big of a deal in comparison to other positions.

Inside the 20 will also total for all of the red zone stats, starting with attempts and completions. Some quarterbacks will have more volume in comparison to others, but that might also be more about the style of the offense, which we will get to in a bit. We want quarterbacks to be efficient, and completion percentage, touchdowns, and interceptions will break that down. The completion percentages get higher as you get closer to the end zone. You can see how quarterbacks fair by area of distance. See how much the volume changes as well. If you are looking for quarterback rushing stats, that will be on the red zone rushing page.

Red Zone Passing Efficiency Vs Volume

We often debate volume against efficiency for players, as we usually want volume as it creates opportunity. However, in the red zone, we tend to see the best of both worlds. Looking at the stats, Russell Wilson dominated in red zone touchdowns and had 25 touchdowns through the air on 89 attempts. He completed just 49% of his passes in the red zone, which is not great. However, volume carried him. Now Lamar Jackson had 29 fewer attempts and had 24 passing touchdowns and completed 63% of his passes. Then you had other quarterbacks high on the list in passing touchdowns as they hovered around the 55% completion mark, and were between 55-70 passing attempts. A lot is going on here, but what is important is that if you are getting minimal attempts, you need to be more efficient. If you have a ton of volume, efficiency isn't as important.

You might see a few quarterbacks have a tick down in volume because of their efficiency. Of course, if you are completing 60% of your passes compared to 40%, you are going to not have as many attempts if you are wrapping up drives with touchdowns. Quarterbacks might also see a drop in volume because they simply have more touchdowns from outside the 20-yard line. Offenses that stretch the field and still produce touchdowns are likely doing it without ever needing to get to the end zone. This won't happen every season, but you might see a few quarterbacks have a season where they are not up inside the top five for red zone touchdowns. The other reason why volume might not be as high is when teams simply opt to run the ball more in the red zone. This can still be with a quarterback, or they have a workhorse back they rather deploy instead.

Red Zone Passing Stats For Fantasy Football

No surprise as the players producing inside the red zone is also producing big fantasy points. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, quarterbacks high on the list in red zone production are also top fantasy quarterbacks. Of course, getting to the red zone is going to be tied to offenses as a whole, which do relate to a quarterback. As we try and predict fantasy points for a season, or even for a single week, we can look at red zone numbers to point us in the right direction. The volume will help as more than half of passing touchdowns will occur in the red zone. We can also point to defensive touchdowns allowed in the red zone as well.

Using red zone stats to find positive and negative regression can give you a major advantage when it comes to passing stats in the red zone. Sample sizes are always tricky when it comes to football, but quarterbacks who are getting to the end zone and not finding the end zone often might have some positive regression coming their way. For example, Kyler Murray, in his rookie season, ranked inside the top eight for passing attempts but had 12 touchdowns. We saw the running backs get a lot of touchdowns, but stats should even out a bit more. Now we might see some quarterbacks over-performing as well, where they are producing higher than normal completion rates.

The Red Zone Passing Outliers

Throughout a season, there is going to be some weird number that might just not add up. For example, Pat Mahomes only had 11 touchdowns inside the red zone last year. However, there are a few reasons for this. Mahomes missed a few games, but the Chiefs also scored plenty of touchdowns outside of the red zone as Mahomes threw 26 touchdowns, but less than half came inside the red zone. Quarterbacks that rank high in passing attempts inside the red zone, but are sitting with minimal touchdowns that might be a chance to regress if numbers continue in that direction. We tend to see the extremes average out a bit. The same can be said for extremely efficient numbers on minimal attempts, especially by a lesser quarterback.

Looking at Tom Brady last season, he only completed 42% of his passes inside the ten-yard line. These are numbers that we usually don’t see from Brady. There were a few things that contributed to this as his receiving and tight end options were not on par for prior seasons. With him changing teams this is going to help of course, but we should have expected positive regression regardless as this was an extreme low.


Who Led The League In Red Zone Passing Touchdowns?

Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks led all quarterbacks in red zone touchdowns with 25. He had 25 total, and 15 of them came inside the ten-yard line. Wilson has been one of the top red zone quarterbacks over the last few seasons.

Who Led The League In Red Zone Passing Attempts?

Tom Brady led all quarterbacks in passing attempts inside the red zone with 91. However, he only had 13 total touchdowns in the red zone, as the Patriots offense was average at best inside the opponent's 20. He completed 55% of those 91 targets.

What Are Red Zone Passing Stats?

Red zone passing stats are the stats like touchdowns, passing attempts, passing completions, interceptions, and completion percentage while inside the opponent’s 20-yard line. This is where you can see what quarterbacks excel in this area and those who don’t.

Why Split Red Zone Passing Stats Into Inside 20, 10, And 5 Yard Line?

The red zone is divided up into three different areas, and the reason for this is to show the volume these players get while inside each area. Because efficiency rises the closer you get, you will want to see what players show up the most.

Who Threw The Most Red Zone Interceptions?

Throwing interceptions inside the red zone is one of the worst mistakes a quarterback can make. Mitchell Trubisky of the Chicago Bears and Sam Darnold of the New York Jets led all quarterbacks with four interceptions inside the red zone.

Who Has The Highest Red Zone Completion Percentage?

Among qualified quarterbacks, Ryan Tannehill had the highest completion percentage inside the red zone. He completed 26 of 37 passes, which equals out to over a 70% completion percentage. The Tennessee Titans have had excellent red zone numbers over the last few seasons.

Who Threw The Most Red Zone Passing Yards?

Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks threw the most passing yards in the red zone with 360. Wilson often visited the red zone as he ranked top three in passing attempts inside the 20-yard line of opposing teams. He completed under 50% of his passes, so volume was key.