San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds 2022

The current San Francisco 49ers 2023 Super Bowl odds are . As the clear favorites to win the NFC West, the question for the 49ers 49ers as we ramp up towards the postseason is how well their QB situation will be able to hold up with Brock Purdy. Their defensive line is arguably the best in the league, grading in the top 10 in both pressure and run defense, according to PFF, and this has proved out on the field — where they lead the league in points and yards allowed. With Christian McCaffrey now in the backfield alongside Deebo Samuel and Tyrion Davis Price, Brandon Aiyuk and JuWan Jennings on the perimeter, and George Kittle at TE, this team has the requisite offensive weapons to win a high scoring affair. If Brock Purdy can continue to deliver, their is certainly some value in the Niners Super Bowl odds, particularly in a weaker NFC.

San Francisco 49ers 2023 Super Bowl Odds & Futures

Behind one of the most ruthless defensive fronts in football, the 49ers are a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks. Their scheme, championed by Defensive Coordinator DeMeco Ryans, forces opposing receivers to win 1-on-1 and offensive lines to buy enough time for their quarterback to make the right read. Though few teams in the NFC are able to do this, both the Eagles and Cowboys have the personnel in the trenches to match up.

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San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds Analysis

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With Jimmy Garoppolo out for the foreseeable future, the Niners Super Bowl hopes remain up in the air, as Bay Area faithful wait to see what Rookie QB Brock Purdy is able to do down the stretch.

Fortunately for this Niners team, though, the Shanahan offense has never relied too heavily on Quarterback heroics. If anything, they are the one team in the league that is able to win big playoff games without a top 10-15 quarterback.

This is largely because of the relentlessness of their defense — particularly in the front 7 — and the efficiency of their run game. The Niners currently rank 9th in rushing yards and 8th in sacks, two areas they will need to continue to be effective in if they are to make a Super Bowl run in 2023.

Reasons Why the 49ers Can and Can’t Win the Super Bowl


  • Arguably the most versatile defensive line in football
  • Highly effective zone run scheme
  • Kyle Shanahan is one of the best Head Coaches in football


  • Deebo Samuel injury limits some of their depth offensively
  • Uncertain as to whether Brock Purdy will be able to lead this team deep into the playoffs
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