San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds 2022

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds 2022

The San Francisco 49ers have surprised many by skating into the 2022 NFL postseason at the last minute. An upset, overtime win against the Los Angeles Rams secured the #6 seed in the NFC. All season the 49ers have been all over the map. They began their regular season 2-4, leaving most fans feeling dull about the playoffs, let alone Super Bowl chances. However, the team was able to turn their season around and finish 10-7. As we enter the first round of the 2022 playoffs, the 49ers are seen as one of the more considerable underdogs. DraftKings gives them a spread of +2000 to take home the Lombardi trophy. The team has a long road ahead of them, so let’s dive into their chances.

San Francisco 49ers Odds 2022

49ers Odds to Win Super Bowl 2022:

NFC Wild Card Game: San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys

The San Francisco 49ers begin their playoff climb with one of the more demanding challenges. They’ll be taking on the 12-5 NFC third seed, the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have been making huge strides in the league and absolutely destroyed their competition in the NFC East. The Boys have a stacked offense with weapons like Ezekiel Elliott, Ceedee Lamb, Cedrick Wilson, and the on-fire Dak Prescott. Combined, the offense is the number one scoring team in the league, putting up 530 points in the 17 regular-season games. The 49ers have a top 10 defense but have had their struggles in the rush defense. The Cowboys will be fully aware of the slight weakness and try to overload the defense with the powerhouse of Ezekiel Elliott, which will then free up their star receivers downfield. The 49ers are going to really need to center and balance their defense if they want a chance at round 2 of the playoffs.

Offensively, the 49ers have an advantage against the Cowboys. The pass defense of the Cowboys isn’t as solid as it once was, besides the interception ratio of Trevon Diggs, and the 49ers have one of the best receiver and tight end combinations in the league. Deebo Samuel has the fifth-most receiving yards (1,405 yards) and has the best yard average per reception (18.2 yards) in the league. Samuel will most likely be going up against Trevon Diggs, who leads the league in interceptions, but he has also given up over 800 yards this season when he’s been beaten by receivers. Deebo has the speed to maneuver around Diggs, as long as he can complete the catch and stay focused. George Kittle will help clear up the backfield for Samuel as he keeps some of the Cowboys in tight coverage. Kittle has 910 receiving yards this season in his 14 games. He has been working through a calf injury that left him on the sidelines for three games in the regular season, but it seems to be healed up and ready to go. If the 49ers run an effective alternating pass offense between Kittle and Samuel, it may be just enough to push them to the next round. Odds are stacked against them, so there will need to be another 49ers-Rams upset to pull out the win.

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