San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds 2022

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds 2022

The San Francisco 49ers may have had the worst injury luck in the entire National Football League this past year. Kyle Shanahan seems to have to constantly deal with his stars out of the football game. However, 2021 brings another fresh season, one in which everyone is returning healthy to the team.

The bright side for the 49ers is that the terrible injury luck brought with it a terrible record and a chance to move up in the NFL Draft. This allowed Kyle Shanahan to draft his future at the QB position, Trey Lance. This may give some Nick Bosa flashbacks as the team was rather solid in 2018 but finished with a terrible record due to injuries. This then allowed the 49ers to draft a star in Bosa and then make the Super Bowl that coming year in the 2019 season.

San Francisco 49ers Odds 2022

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Offseason Changes

san francisco 49erseWhen it came to free-agent additions, there was really only one major move that the 49ers made that will drastically affect their season. That was signing center Alex Mack to a three-year deal. This drastically increased the quality of the interior line, and Mack will surely add to the organization that Shanahan loves from his offensive line. The team also added some defensive end depth with Samson Ebukam and Arden Key, but neither will be starting.

When it came to the draft, the 49ers made waves. The team used three first-round picks to move up and grab Trey Lance, their quarterback of the future. While the coaching staff keeps remarking that Jimmy G will be the starter, it is rather clear to all of us that Trey Lance will be making a difference on this team in year one. The team also added another interior offensive line talent in Aaron Banks and a solid running back in Trey Sermon in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft.

The biggest change for this team is in the coaching staff. Robert Saleh, the previous Defensive Coordinator for the team, has become the Head Coach for the New York Jets. He took a lot of his staff and poached one of Shanahan’s right-hand men, Mike LaFleur, to be his Offensive Coordinator in New York. The 49ers mainly replaced these positions with in-house promotions, like DeMeco Ryans to DC and Mike McDaniels to OC.

49ers Odds Analysis

The sportsbooks have put bettors in a tough spot. While the team is very, very good, and there is a lot of excitement around Trey Lance, the odds are not at a great value for the team. The 49ers have some of the shortest odds in the league and are only behind the Rams and Bucs in some sportsbooks when it comes to NFC favorites for the Super Bowl. While not a complete shock due to the talent on the team, the 49ers are still coming off a poor season and a ton of turnover in the coaching department.

This leaves you in a bind where you can choose to still go with the 49ers, but you will not get a real value on their chances. You have to take into consideration that not only are there obstacles for the team to overcome to be a Super Bowl contender, but also that the 49ers are playing in the hardest division in football. The Rams are one of the Super Bowl favorites with Stafford, the Seahawks continue to make the playoffs, and the Cardinals look poised to make the jump after adding J.J. Watt. The 49ers will have to compete just to make the playoffs in this division.

Reasons Why the 49ers Win the Super Bowl

The biggest two reasons as to why the San Francisco 49ers could win the Super Bowl are simply their defense and Shanahan. The defense was a big strength of this team in their NFC Championship run in 2019, and the team needs to once again be great on that side of the ball to win a Super Bowl. The offense is solid, and Shanahan is great, but this team will not outscore the Bucs or Chiefs in a shoot-out. Instead, the defense will need to get stops, Bosa will need to get pressure, and the new DC, DeMeco Ryans, will need to be successful in order for this team to win anything.

The second factor is Kyle Shanahan. Now, this is not really a question mark; simply put, Kyle Shanahan is the best offensive mind in football, in my opinion. This means that even going up against stout defenses, his team will score, and they will move the ball. You never have to worry about the game plan when it comes to Kyle Shanahan, as he will figure out a successful game plan. That is something that I truly believe can only be said about Shanahan and no one else.

Reasons Why the 49ers Don’t Win the Super Bowl

The first worry when you are looking to wager on the 49ers Super Bowl odds is a rookie QB. Jimmy G proved during the 2019-2020 Super Bowl run that he is not good enough to win one. Your hope when betting on the 49ers lies with Lance, but at the end of the day, Lance is a rookie. He will go through growing pains, he will make mistakes, and he will have an adjustment period. It is very hard for a rookie to lead a team to a Super Bowl win, and that is a scary thought when wagering on the 49ers. Lance may simply not be mature enough to win it this year.

The next big worry for this team is simply the coaching. Yes, a lot of these guys were promoted in-house, so the game plan will not change a ton; however, they still have never held such high positions. This is a lot of change for an NFL team and a lot of coaches who are getting first cracks at significant roles. While I love Shanahan for his offensive mind, he is not going to affect the defense. The defensive coaches have to replicate what Robert Saleh was doing the previous few seasons. If you see a drop off in play-calling and performances, players could lose faith quickly in these new coaching staff decisions.

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